Welcome to GetJinxed!!

Welcome – We are a fairly new group with vast backgrounds and experience in different fields. Over the course of our blog, you will find an eclectic mix of Women’s, Men’s and even Zooby Fashion! Yes, we do not discriminate against any group and may choose to add anything that comes to mind in the foreseeable future. Having said that, our biggest critics are always YOU, our loyal readers and patrons; so do not hesitate to drop your suggestions on what you would like to see featured.

Who Are We? It all started from the simple long overdue sad but true fact that men and men’s fashion are almost always overseen and altogether neglected. In one of most recent conversations, we all said “No more leaving and discriminating men and Men’s Fashion”. How often do we see Hunts, gifts and all catering 90% if not exclusively for women? In this, we will try to cover as much about men and men’s fashion as we possibly can.